Monday, December 29, 2008

Climbing the Mountain

Meditation Getaways - Climbing the Mountain -

We journey into the less visited parts of our subconscious minds. There, we find a solitary mountain rising up from a plain that stretches to infinity in all directions. Water trickles down the mountain in tiny streams, creating a mesmerizing sound that draws us even deeper, into the very core of our subconscious awareness. As we climb the mountain, we experience healing and renewal.

This guided meditation features the soundtrack "Murmuring Creek" as a background sound.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...and the same goes for pets

Following up on my previous post about using white noise-like nature sounds for keeping children relaxed and sleeping, you can apply a similar approach with household pets.

Many puppies are terrified in their first few nights at home after being separated from their mothers and littermates. Just about every pet internet site recommends some kind of white noise to soothe and relax your puppy, and block out the sounds of things going bump in the night that can wake him suddenly.

And how many of you out there have a dog or cat with a phobia of thunderstorms and other loud noises like fireworks? Holly Nash, DVM says that "'White noise'... may aid in blocking out some of the fear producing noise." (Read the full article)

Excellent! So try out your soothing waterfall or stream CD on Fido or Fida on New Year's night and the next time a thunderstorm rolls through town.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nature sounds for children's rooms

An often overlooked use of nature sounds is for the relaxation of small children, particularly infants. Many babies who are restless at night can be helped to sleep by playing some kind of white noise in their rooms. The reason for this is that before a baby is born, she is accustomed to being constantly surrounded by the soothing and reassuring sounds of her mother's body; the beating of the heart, and the sound of blood circulating in the placenta create a comforting blanket of white noise. Out in the harsh reality of the world, a quiet bedroom can often seem too quiet. Adding the sound of white noise, wind, or flowing water, all of which contain similar frequency spectra, can help to mimic the soothing sounds of the womb, and lull a little baby to sleep.
Check out these quotes from the baby experts:

"Many babies are calmed, for example, by the hum of a fan or vacuum cleaner, a tape recording of uterine gurglings, or a record that plays soothing nature sounds, such as waves breaking on the beach..." -Eisenberg, Murkoff, and Hathaway, What to Expect the First Year

"'White noise,' such as the continuous, monotonous sound of a vacuum cleaner or a recording of ocean waves, can often relax and lull your baby... " -Mayo Clinic, Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby's First Year

There are plenty of "white noise machines" for baby's rooms available out there, many of them costing $50 or more. And there are also many "nature sound machines" that play repeated, short loops of low-quality nature sounds. But why go through the expense and trouble? You already have a CD player or MP3 player in your home, so simply buy a CD or MP3 of some relaxing nature sounds, like a waterfall or ocean waves, and play it in your child's bedroom. For $10 or less, you could give your baby (and, in turn, yourself) the gift of restful nights!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Ancient Ocean

Meditation Getaways - The Ancient Ocean -

In our minds, we take a trip hundreds of millions of years back in time to a prehistoric beach, and experience the young earth's healing energy. We exercise all of our senses in our imagination to vividly create the scene. Use this meditation to relax, heal, and develop your imagination and spirituality.

This guided meditation uses the Moodstreams soundtrack "Pacific Tidepool" as a background sound.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Five tips for reducing holiday stress

So if you haven't figured it out by now, the holidays are a hectic, stress-laden time of year. They're so laden with stress, you could pick up the stress with a...ladle. A time of year that should be spent unwinding and focusing on quality time with those you love is increasingly becoming a spectacle of marketing, materialism, and malicious trampling of fellow man. I mean, holiday violence? You've got to be kidding me. Irony would be a gross understatement. Every year the malls put up the Christmas decorations earlier (I think we saw hints of it in September this year), and the push for everyone to buy the "right gift" for their loved ones becomes more aggressive. The day will probably come when we see ornaments and tinsel in July, along with the "Summer is over, it's time to buy Christmas gifts" marketing push.

And so here I am, a survivor of many Christmases, both as a kid and adult, with my sanity intact (That's right, everyone's crazy but me), to offer some tips for reducing stress in this Season of Doom.

1) Suggest to your family a reduced gift-burden: Every person buys only one gift for one other person, Secret Santa-style, so that everyone gets a gift. If you know ahead of time that you only need to buy one gift, not only does it save you money, time, and sanity, but you can focus on buying a gift that is more meaningful/useful to your intended recipient. And Mother Earth will thank you for having fewer wasted gifts that end up in landfills, in addition to less wrapping paper and packaging to dispose of. Our family tried this a few years ago with great success. But not as much success as some of these later options which we adopted. Read on:
1a) If you are a true altruist/socialist, buy a board game or other group activity as your one gift! A game with simple rules, like Jenga, seems to work particularly well for this application. That way your family can play together immediately after opening gifts, thus distracting you from other less savory group activities like Texas Hold 'em or Blackjack, where Dad can accidentally gamble off the money he had been saving for your inheritance. This has also happened in my family, and unfortunately started when I was young, so there has been much inheritance loss over the years.

2) Suggest to your family the most reduced gift-burden of all: no gifts at all! Well, I don't mean no gifts literally, because little kids still get a kick out of opening gifts and really know how to dig them. With no appreciable savings accounts of their own beyond what is in the pickle jar bank on their dressers, kids have no means of blowing horrendous amounts of money during the rest of the year like all of us grownups, so the holidays are their one shot to get all the stuff that they won't use in 3 months. So just buy gifts for the children, and maybe throw in some gifts for the "golden generation" (grandmas and grandpas) as well, whom I find appreciate the thrill of unwrapping boxes, even empty ones, as much as anyone. Meanwhile, everyone in the 16 to 64 age bracket can enjoy the comfort and satisfaction of having bucked holiday materialism in favor of quality family time together, and maybe a little Texas Hold 'em or Blackjack (see 1a). My family currently uses the no-gift protocol for our Christmas celebration, having transitioned away from the one-gift protocol a couple of years ago, and it has honestly led us all to love Christmas all over again! No lie! I can say with the utmost sincerity that giving up gifts was the single greatest thing to happen to our yearly holiday gathering, at least in my adult life. It will likely revolutionize your family's holiday experience just as dramatically, especially if your family is like mine, i.e. a group of people who happen to have some genetic material in common but who really don't know each other that well. You'll be amazed at how much you will look forward to the yuletide season once it becomes a minimal-obligations event, like Thanksgiving. No more anxiety, no more insecurity about buying the wrong gift, and no more cattle-herding in the mall on Christmas Eve.

3) Here I address the the tricky issue of whether or not to buy gifts for your pets. I hold animals in the highest regard: They are pure-hearted and sincere beings who seem to have their priorities straight, and know how to live life day by day. I have never seen a pet get worked up (either positively or negatively) about the impending yuletide, no matter how many rawhide-filled mesh stockings PETCO puts up on display. Those, my dear reader(s), are for us, not the animals. We're supposed to feel the heart-strings being tugged and experience twinges of guilt if we would even entertain the notion of forgetting Fido or Fida this Christmas. But let's be honest: your pet cares about what you do for him/her the ENTIRE 365 DAYS OF THE YEAR, not whether or not he gets an extra raw hide on Christmas. It's part of the animals mentality, and a justifiable one at that, of living every day like the next. So feel no guilt about ignoring the wreath made out of catnip fibers hanging in the pet store window. Your pets need love and attention and entertainment from you every day, and their needs have to be met as they arise, so just continue doing that and you'll be rewarded with happy, healthy pets who love you back. Save the holiday gifts, if any, for us silly humans who get a kick out of seasonal displays of attention.

4) Limit your family's watching of television. TV is where we get the notions of what we need to buy implanted in our minds, and it fuels the demand for the "hot" items of the year. So we knew that Nintendo's Wii system would be popular this year, but when we hear the media exclaim that the Nintendo Wii is the "MUST-HAVE TRINKET OF 2008", many people suddenly decide that they have to have one, and they have to have it for Christmas, or their kid has to have one, and the idea of waiting until March when the hoopla dies down is just unthinkable, thus creating an exponentional increase in the demand for this item. A simple boycott or reduction of TV watching limits your exposure to these mass marketing phenomena, and you will instead turn your attention to bugging your loved ones to buy you something else that you'd really like more. If everyone just follows this simple formula, it will ensure a generous surplus of Nintendo Wiis for the rest of us, who absolutely, unequivocally HAVE to have it this Christmas.

5) If all else fails: Record an entire season of kids' television shows, including the commercials, in advance, and play it to your children several years down the line, discreetly substituting it for the current season's shows without your children knowing. We're all aware that kids decide what they want for Christmas from the commercials that appear in between the shows they watch, right? Well, if the commercials your kids are watching are already four years old, you can bet the toys being marketed in those commercials will be a-cheap and a-plenty at some discount store down the street. So when little Billy wants a Furby, you say, "Well, I'm going to have trample a lot of parents to get this, but I'll do it because I love you," and then you go out to Valu-Mart and buy it for $2.99. No hassles, no lines, Christmas is a done deal.

Relieve stress now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The intricacies of running an online business...

I will dedicate today's post to the intricacies (and some would say rigors) of running an online business. This is not necessarily meant to be instructional in any way, but merely my experiences with the process. What people who don't run an online business don't know (and for those who do, I apologize) is how much time is spent in trying to promote the business, and how much that digs into the actual time you could be spending administrating the business and actually building up products or improving the store, etc.

Promotion, the act of "getting your name out there" is a LARGE chunk of running a business, especially a relatively new one, and those of you out there who are thinking of starting a business, prepare to spend more than half of your time (at first) submitting ads, creating promotional videos, and pitching your product to what seems like thousands of places. You will become VERY adept at typing your website URL and description at lightning speeds into countless submission forms across all of cyberspace.

Some of these promotional activities are actually rather fun for people. I, for instance, love making the promotional videos and other videos that have examples of my products, despite the frustrations of video editing software. And I love to design graphics for my products and image ads, despite the frustrations of graphics editing software (like a certain program that sounds like Phodobe Autoshop).

So while my forte is creating audio soundtracks, I can live with doing certain promotional stuff that's creative in nature. What isn't so great is the countless hours spent submitting and registering for every internet directory known to man. I mean everybody knows about Youtube and Google Ads and Yahoo and whatnot. But that is only the tip of the iceberg...mwa haha.

Take this as an example: I recently created a podcast of guided meditations called Meditation Getaways that uses my nature sounds in the background as I guide the listener on an imaginary trip to the wilderness. So, it's out on the internet, and I just let the throngs of eager fans of guided meditation jockey for position as they subscribe to my podcast, right? WRONG (accompanied by buzzer sound)! Nobody knows about it! So I have to submit my podcast feed to podcast directories so that people can find it.

Well, itunes is the first and obvious choice, but not everyone uses itunes, so why not a few others, like, say, Podcasting Station, All Podcasts, RSS Network, Plazoo, Podblaze, Podcast Direct, Get A Podcast, Idiotvox, Podnova, Yahoo Media, Every Podcast, Podcast Pup, Podcast Like That, Podcast Blaster, Mirpod, Podmopolis, Speecha, Personal Growth Podcast, Podanza, Podlounge, Podcast Alley, Podcast Bunker, Podcast Pickle, Podfeed, Syndic8, Hard Pod Cafe, and Digital Podcast.

Someone run the stats on that and tell me the percentage of syllables that the word "Pod" makes up in the above list. I'd do it myself but I'm too busy submitting to Podcast directories and blogging about how much time I spend submitting to Podcast directories. Why so many? Because there isn't a single directory that everyone uses, so you want to make sure that your Podcast reaches the widest possible audience. Many of these sites require a registration, and many require writing a description of some kind about your podcast before you submit. Anyway, the point is that you can see how promoting this one podcast could take the better part of several work days. The general rule in all of this that applies to all aspects of promoting a business: Do everything you can to ensure that what you are producing or selling reaches the largest possible audience.

So if love cat ice hockey and your unique contribution to the world is the creation of the world's first Cat Ice Hockey League and you have created a great website for the CIHL, be prepared to sacrifice some of the time that you normally spend reviewing team rosters, creating strict performance-enhancing drug policies, and scouting in faraway countries for the best international feline hockey talent. You must turn much of your focus for the time being to getting the CIHL's name out there, making sure people know about the CIHL's website, making sure it reaches the intended audience of animal sports fans, and justifying to the world why Cat Ice Hockey is THE sport of the 21st century. And once you've gotten that ball rolling, you can turn some of your attention back to the committee hearings on the legality of catnip.

That, my friends, is how hobbies become businesses.

Check out my business: Moodstreams

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-e2b5ab07d34091cee7a337678fda6e85}

Friday, November 28, 2008

"Meditation Getaways" is here!

Hello relaxers and meditators!
I have unveiled the first of my series of guided meditation free podcasts, which I have called "Meditation Getaways". They are designed to be a fun exercise in using imagination, incorporating visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and even olfactory imagination. Each meditation uses one or more of the available Moodstreams soundtracks as a background sound and to facilitate the imagery.

The first episode --Stream and Birds-- uses the "Water Flows Beneath Us" soundtrack as a background, as I guide you on a virtual experience in the wilderness of the Northeastern U.S. We will exercise our mental and spiritual "muscles" to exchange energy with the Earth, and practice utilizing our Sphere of Consciousness. It is a relaxing, immersive, enlightening experience.

Thanks for listening, and of course, feedback is always appreciated.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New online video to relax to, and don't forget the discount!

Hey fans of relaxation,

In my ongoing quest to provide the ultimate relaxation media in digital format, I've created a new 10-minute video of nature sounds and gallery photos (along with some other images) that is embedded right smack in the Moodstreams home page. Look for it at the bottom left of the home page, and you can also view it in the "videos" menu to the right of blog post. It is, of course, free, and is intended to provide a nice mid-day relaxation break for all of us who are stressed about work and the economy... which includes everybody these days, right?

With the holidays coming up, don't forget about the discount code "BLOGREADER" which you can use on all purchases from the Moodstreams Catalog to get a whopping 25% off of your order until the end of 2008. Speaking of stress, what could be more stressful than the holidays, with all the pressure to buy the right gifts for everyone, and that false sense of urgency that is created by the media and then propagated through everyone else. That is why I am doing my part to NOT remind you that the holidays are approaching at a breakneck pace, and NOT remind you that Christmas is only 37 days away, and NOT remind you that time is running out get the idea. ;)

Why not give the gift of relaxation this year, for yourself or a loved one?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Soundtrack is here: Autumn Cricket Song

Hey fans of nature sounds,

As promised earlier, I have delivered the goods and released a new nature sound based on my recent Autumn recordings. It is called "Autumn Cricket Song", and is a mellow recording of a chirping cricket or two on a balmy late October afternoon. You may be saying, "But you already have a recording of crickets in 'Summer Meadow'". You'd be right, but this one is different, because if you compare the two, "Autumn Cricket Song" is much less "busy", as the insects are well past their peak activity by October, and are just hanging on to those last few warm days before the frost sets in and sends everyone home for the year. The new recording is thus more spacious, with more "breathing room" and no insects flying about across the soundscape. Some might find it a more sedate alternative to "Summer Meadow" for relaxation, meditation, or sleep.
This may be the last soundtrack I release this season, since my other Autumn recordings were overloaded with too much wind noise and so I didn't find that they'd have much listening value for anyone but the most die hard fans...of wind noise. I mean, we're not talking wind noise as in the sound of wind softly blowing through tall grass or branches (which would be quite relaxing actually). This is the sound of wind blowing through leaves so hard that all you hear on a recording is a sheet of plain white noise with no definition, no dynamic range, and very little variation. Really not very "natural" sounding at all.
Recording season may be coming to an end, with Autumn chugging along as it is. The weather has been mild lately, which does mean that birds and insects will be active for a little while longer, but hunting season has begun, which makes a nature recordist's job all the more tricky! Not only do the sounds of gunshots from miles away rudely insert themselves into our recordings at inopportune times, but now we have to live in constant fear of being mistaken for game as we go tiptoeing furtively through state forests wearing cryptic woodland colors. See, the paradox of this time of year is that to minimize detection by forest creatures, which we would like to discreetly record if possible, we dress and act in a manner that also puts us at risk of not being properly detected and identified as humans by other humans. And when those other humans are carrying guns and have the intention of shooting some of the aforementioned forest creatures, you can see how the situation can quickly turn ugly. So the bottom line is that it's best if I stay indoors for a while.
And that's okay, because it will give me a chance to work on some of those meditation podcasts that I mentioned in my last post.

Back to soundtracks for relaxation, meditation, and hypnosis.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The "triumvirate" is complete

Hey there, fans o' relaxin', meditatin', and hypnotizin',

The triumvirate of hypnosis recordings is now complete, as promised. I have added the new stress management hypnosis session to the catalog. It's called "Learn How to Relax with Hypnosis" because it not only relaxes you while you are listening to it, but also teaches you how to trigger relaxation at will in your everyday life, and how to become a more calm, relaxed, and confident person in every way. It has a background sound of falling rain, with alpha-theta brainwave entrainment embedded within it, and sounds very soothing. I decided to do something different for this session, so I opted not to go with the same musical background as I used for the other two hypnosis sessions. Call it an artistic decision, I guess! Listen to the sample and let me know what you think. Some people may prefer the music background, some may prefer the rain.

What's next at Moodstreams? One or two new nature soundtracks of the New England Autumn may be released soon, depending on what I'm able to get out of the recordings I made last week. It's been a great Autumn so far, and we've had insects and birds chirping through the end of October, with all the moderate days we've had in the last couple of weeks.

And then: I may launch a series of free, periodic podcasts in which I offer guided meditations with my nature sounds as backgrounds. It would be called "Meditation Getaways", or something like that, because the meditations would guide listeners on these little imaginary escapes/adventures in locations based on the sounds in my nature recordings. It would just be a fun way to use your imagination and relieve stress at the same time. I feel like, as adults, we don't use our imaginations nearly enough. We're taught that we need to "grow up" and that only kids get to make believe and use their imaginations. So as adults, we are stifled and pigeon-holed into doing analytical tasks and focusing on 'reality' at the expense of our natural, inherent creativity. Basically, unless you are an artist by trade, adults aren't really expected to use the right (creative half) of their brain at all. Well that's just a load of baloney in my opinion! We need to learn to be "kids at heart" and use our imagination and pure creative abilities throughout our whole lives. There's absolutely no reason to ever grow out of that.
Okay, after that rant, I am DEFINITELY going to be doing Meditation Getaways. It's probably still a few weeks away, but stay tuned and stay relaxed!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn sounds coming, and stress management with hypnosis

For those of you who have been waiting for some gently lulling autumn soundtracks, there may be one or two coming soon! I recently did some recording in Central Massachusetts and Southern Maine, and came back with some sounds of wind blowing through the autumn leaves, and also some bird and cricket recordings from an "indian summer" day. The bird and insect activity in the Fall here in New England is much quieter and more "restrained" than it is in the peak seasons, so if you found that the Spring bird recordings and the Summer meadow recordings were a bit too busy for your tastes, these Autumn recordings could end up being what you're looking for. The completed soundtracks will be available in the upcoming weeks.

I'm also working on a "stress management with hypnosis" session, to round out the "triumvirate" of hypnosis recordings. The three most popular issues that can be treated with hypnosis are smoking, weight, and stress. We've had soundtracks available for the first two issues since the Moodstreams site opened, and soon will have the complete set of three! Look for the stress management session in the upcoming weeks.

Until then, love life and stay calm, confident, and relaxed.

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Discount Offer

So for people who read my blog, I am offering a discount on purchases made at the Moodstreams online store. When you add items to your cart, enter the discount code "BLOGREADER" into the discount code line, and you will get 25% off of your purchase price! This discount is good through December 30, 2008. So go ahead, do your Christmas shopping!

Aren't you glad you read the blog?

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Affiliate program

Hi fans of relaxation and meditation,
I'm proud to announce the creation of our new affiliate program! Now anyone with a website can sell Moodstreams soundtracks (you know, the ones people love to relax, meditate, and get hypnotized to) and earn 10% commission. Here's how it works: If you have a web site, you can set up an affiliate link to Moodstreams to either 1) sell our products directly on your site, or 2) send potential buyers from your site to ours. In scenario 2, all purchases the buyer makes after being directed from your site to Moodstreams will earn you 10% commission on the total sale. Neat-o!
The affiliate program is run through E-junkie, our shopping cart provider. To register, simply go to the Moodstreams home page, scroll to the very bottom and click "Join our affiliate program!". You can either opt to sell/link to individual products, or sell/link to all of them.

Here's how you get paid: You will be sent an email for each sale originating from your website. Each month's earnings will be paid via PayPal within 15 days of month end. You'll also have access to the affiliate area at E-junkie where you can keep track of your affiliate sales.

What a deal. This gets you some cash, and drives business to us.

Sound good? Good!

Take care and just relax.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Moodstreams video on YouTube!

I just put up a new promotional video for Moodstreams on YouTube. Check it out! This is the link to the higher quality stereo version, so you can hear all the great sounds:

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Friday, October 17, 2008

New: ALBUMS are now available in the Moodstreams catalog

Greetings relaxation fans!
In response to those who wanted to buy nature sounds in compilations rather than as individual tracks, I have created three new theme albums of popular soundtracks. Each album contains shorter versions of four or five similarly themed soundtracks bundled together for a total of about 75 minutes of listening. So instead of individual half hour (or one hour) tracks, you get a bundle of tracks that are about 15 to 20 minutes each, adding more variety to your listening.

The albums I am now offering are:
"Alaska Rivers": The four soundtracks I produced from recordings of the salmon migration along a river in Southeast Alaska. The sounds range from subtle to dynamic.
"The Sounds of Spring": Recordings of birds singing at dawn, spring peepers, a rainstorm, and a couple of different sounds of flowing water. Great variety here!
"Moving Water": A collection of different tracks of--you guessed it--moving water in various bodies, such as a waterfall, a tiny creek, river rapids, and a pacific tidepool. Great for people who want to relax, meditate, or sleep to the uninterrupted sounds of H2O in motion.

Check these albums out in the catalog. I'm sure you'll be pleased with what you hear.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reduced Prices on Pure Nature Sounds!

The prices for Pure Nature Sounds in the Catalog have been lowered, making them even more affordable! Most Nature Soundtracks are now only $5.99 for MP3 and $9.99 for CD.

Back to Moodstreams.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Improved online store at Moodstreams

The online store was recently updated to be more streamlined and functional. Basically the catalog and online store have been merged into one entity, whereas before the online store was kind of an entirely separate entity from the Moodstreams web site itself. The new setup uses a Javascript shopping cart that exists within the catalog page itself, so there are now fewer steps involved in making a purchase, and everything is more user-friendly and intuitive!
It always takes a lot of time and effort to setup a new shopping cart, but it should definitely be worth it in the long run, because the online purchasing will be much smoother now!

Also, you may have noticed I redesigned the catalog so that the nature sounds, brainwave entrainment, and hypnosis sessions are in separate tables now, instead of just being in different columns of the same table. I think the new changes make the catalog much easier to browse!

Friday, October 10, 2008

New soundtracks and gallery additions

After being hard at work (which is also hard at play) in Alaska recording sounds at the end of September, I have produced four new high-quality soundtracks that are now being offered in the Moodstreams Catalog.

One of the amazing natural phenomena that I was able to observe in Alaska was the annual salmon migration, in which thousands of salmon will travel upstream on any given river to reach their spawining beds. It's an arduous journey along hazardous waters, and those few salmon that survive are rewarded with the opportunity to spawn in the same waters in which they themselves hatched years earlier. Observing it firsthand was an incredible experience. The rivers were full of splashing salmon, which in many stretches were practically shoulder-to-shoulder, like cars on a highway at rush hour.

After getting all the recordings together after the trip, I found that I was able to tell a story of the salmon migration through sounds. I had recorded several different stretches of this one particular river where we did our work, and each stretch was marked by a distinct sonic style, due to the landscape, waterscape, and wildlife of the area. Among the recordings worthy of producing into stand-alone soundtracks, I had a riffle, a waterfall, an area of flatwater populated by a colony of gulls, and an area where the river emptied into a lake deep in the wilderness.

These four recordings became my Alaska Salmon Migration soundtracks, and while each soundtrack stands on its own, they can also be interpreted as "chapters" in the story of the salmon migration as these fish intrepidly traveled up the river. The colony of hungry gulls a mile or two inland represented one of the early challenges; the waterfall was the single largest and most difficult water feature that had to be navigated; and the riffle was the last barrier to cross before reaching a large, calm mountain lake and some much-needed rest.

Listen to the samples and hear for yourself! I hope you enjoy them.

The latest at Moodstreams

After blogging at ouhypnospace (a sort of myspace for hypnotists) for a while, I've decided to add this blog and have it linked right to my web site. Here you will find out all the things that have been going on at Moodstreams, the site for high-quality soundtracks for relaxation, meditation, and hypnosis, including site updates, new recordings and samples available, new photo gallery additions, etc. Whenever I update anything at the web site, I'll be sure to make a note of it here.