Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn sounds coming, and stress management with hypnosis

For those of you who have been waiting for some gently lulling autumn soundtracks, there may be one or two coming soon! I recently did some recording in Central Massachusetts and Southern Maine, and came back with some sounds of wind blowing through the autumn leaves, and also some bird and cricket recordings from an "indian summer" day. The bird and insect activity in the Fall here in New England is much quieter and more "restrained" than it is in the peak seasons, so if you found that the Spring bird recordings and the Summer meadow recordings were a bit too busy for your tastes, these Autumn recordings could end up being what you're looking for. The completed soundtracks will be available in the upcoming weeks.

I'm also working on a "stress management with hypnosis" session, to round out the "triumvirate" of hypnosis recordings. The three most popular issues that can be treated with hypnosis are smoking, weight, and stress. We've had soundtracks available for the first two issues since the Moodstreams site opened, and soon will have the complete set of three! Look for the stress management session in the upcoming weeks.

Until then, love life and stay calm, confident, and relaxed.

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