Sunday, October 12, 2008

Improved online store at Moodstreams

The online store was recently updated to be more streamlined and functional. Basically the catalog and online store have been merged into one entity, whereas before the online store was kind of an entirely separate entity from the Moodstreams web site itself. The new setup uses a Javascript shopping cart that exists within the catalog page itself, so there are now fewer steps involved in making a purchase, and everything is more user-friendly and intuitive!
It always takes a lot of time and effort to setup a new shopping cart, but it should definitely be worth it in the long run, because the online purchasing will be much smoother now!

Also, you may have noticed I redesigned the catalog so that the nature sounds, brainwave entrainment, and hypnosis sessions are in separate tables now, instead of just being in different columns of the same table. I think the new changes make the catalog much easier to browse!

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