Friday, October 10, 2008

New soundtracks and gallery additions

After being hard at work (which is also hard at play) in Alaska recording sounds at the end of September, I have produced four new high-quality soundtracks that are now being offered in the Moodstreams Catalog.

One of the amazing natural phenomena that I was able to observe in Alaska was the annual salmon migration, in which thousands of salmon will travel upstream on any given river to reach their spawining beds. It's an arduous journey along hazardous waters, and those few salmon that survive are rewarded with the opportunity to spawn in the same waters in which they themselves hatched years earlier. Observing it firsthand was an incredible experience. The rivers were full of splashing salmon, which in many stretches were practically shoulder-to-shoulder, like cars on a highway at rush hour.

After getting all the recordings together after the trip, I found that I was able to tell a story of the salmon migration through sounds. I had recorded several different stretches of this one particular river where we did our work, and each stretch was marked by a distinct sonic style, due to the landscape, waterscape, and wildlife of the area. Among the recordings worthy of producing into stand-alone soundtracks, I had a riffle, a waterfall, an area of flatwater populated by a colony of gulls, and an area where the river emptied into a lake deep in the wilderness.

These four recordings became my Alaska Salmon Migration soundtracks, and while each soundtrack stands on its own, they can also be interpreted as "chapters" in the story of the salmon migration as these fish intrepidly traveled up the river. The colony of hungry gulls a mile or two inland represented one of the early challenges; the waterfall was the single largest and most difficult water feature that had to be navigated; and the riffle was the last barrier to cross before reaching a large, calm mountain lake and some much-needed rest.

Listen to the samples and hear for yourself! I hope you enjoy them.

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