Friday, November 28, 2008

"Meditation Getaways" is here!

Hello relaxers and meditators!
I have unveiled the first of my series of guided meditation free podcasts, which I have called "Meditation Getaways". They are designed to be a fun exercise in using imagination, incorporating visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and even olfactory imagination. Each meditation uses one or more of the available Moodstreams soundtracks as a background sound and to facilitate the imagery.

The first episode --Stream and Birds-- uses the "Water Flows Beneath Us" soundtrack as a background, as I guide you on a virtual experience in the wilderness of the Northeastern U.S. We will exercise our mental and spiritual "muscles" to exchange energy with the Earth, and practice utilizing our Sphere of Consciousness. It is a relaxing, immersive, enlightening experience.

Thanks for listening, and of course, feedback is always appreciated.


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