Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The "triumvirate" is complete

Hey there, fans o' relaxin', meditatin', and hypnotizin',

The triumvirate of hypnosis recordings is now complete, as promised. I have added the new stress management hypnosis session to the catalog. It's called "Learn How to Relax with Hypnosis" because it not only relaxes you while you are listening to it, but also teaches you how to trigger relaxation at will in your everyday life, and how to become a more calm, relaxed, and confident person in every way. It has a background sound of falling rain, with alpha-theta brainwave entrainment embedded within it, and sounds very soothing. I decided to do something different for this session, so I opted not to go with the same musical background as I used for the other two hypnosis sessions. Call it an artistic decision, I guess! Listen to the sample and let me know what you think. Some people may prefer the music background, some may prefer the rain.

What's next at Moodstreams? One or two new nature soundtracks of the New England Autumn may be released soon, depending on what I'm able to get out of the recordings I made last week. It's been a great Autumn so far, and we've had insects and birds chirping through the end of October, with all the moderate days we've had in the last couple of weeks.

And then: I may launch a series of free, periodic podcasts in which I offer guided meditations with my nature sounds as backgrounds. It would be called "Meditation Getaways", or something like that, because the meditations would guide listeners on these little imaginary escapes/adventures in locations based on the sounds in my nature recordings. It would just be a fun way to use your imagination and relieve stress at the same time. I feel like, as adults, we don't use our imaginations nearly enough. We're taught that we need to "grow up" and that only kids get to make believe and use their imaginations. So as adults, we are stifled and pigeon-holed into doing analytical tasks and focusing on 'reality' at the expense of our natural, inherent creativity. Basically, unless you are an artist by trade, adults aren't really expected to use the right (creative half) of their brain at all. Well that's just a load of baloney in my opinion! We need to learn to be "kids at heart" and use our imagination and pure creative abilities throughout our whole lives. There's absolutely no reason to ever grow out of that.
Okay, after that rant, I am DEFINITELY going to be doing Meditation Getaways. It's probably still a few weeks away, but stay tuned and stay relaxed!

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