Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...and the same goes for pets

Following up on my previous post about using white noise-like nature sounds for keeping children relaxed and sleeping, you can apply a similar approach with household pets.

Many puppies are terrified in their first few nights at home after being separated from their mothers and littermates. Just about every pet internet site recommends some kind of white noise to soothe and relax your puppy, and block out the sounds of things going bump in the night that can wake him suddenly.

And how many of you out there have a dog or cat with a phobia of thunderstorms and other loud noises like fireworks? Holly Nash, DVM says that "'White noise'... may aid in blocking out some of the fear producing noise." (Read the full article)

Excellent! So try out your soothing waterfall or stream CD on Fido or Fida on New Year's night and the next time a thunderstorm rolls through town.

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