Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't Let Stress Be Such a Grind

Hello fans of relaxation, self-change, and all other great things!

I came across this great article about the connection between stress and teeth grinding (or bruxism, as it's formally called).

The American Dental Association says that teeth grinding usually happens during sleep, and may be brought on by stress and anxiety, frustration, or anger.
So if it happens while you're asleep, how would you know if you're suffering from bruxism? Symptoms include increased tooth pain or sensitivity, or awakening with jaw muscle strain, pain in the face, and tenderness in the jaw. In extreme cases, if left untreated, teeth grinding leads to worn-down or chipped teeth, and even tooth loss, which must be repaired through extensive dental work to restore the entire mouth.
Experts suggest that sufferers of stress-related bruxism find a way to manage their daily stress, such as exercise or meditation.

So what this says is that if you grind your teeth at night or during stressful situations (I know some people who clench their teeth while stuck in traffic), you need to stop the problem before it gets worse, or else you may have a lot of expensive dental work in your future. If you experience the symptoms of teeth grinding, chances are you have stress in your life that needs to be managed. Begin a daily practice of mindful stress reduction. Meditation works great for this, and it's really quite easy to get started. I began meditation a few years ago simply by reading some books. The information is out there, we just need to seek it out. Moodstreams soundtracks work great as meditation aids.

And of course another great solution is to seek the help of a hypnotist. As a certified hypnotist myself, I work with many clients on stress management. Stress is the root of many disorders including bruxism, and a qualified hypnotist has scripts to address both general stress management as well as bruxism in particular. And a good hypnotist will also teach you self-hypnosis (which works the same way as meditation), so you can continue the practice of relaxation when you are out of the hypnosis clinic and going about your daily life.

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