Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moodstreams adds a new location!

I am proud to announce that Moodstreams now has a new clinic location for private hypnosis sessions in the suburbs of Boston, MA. I, Paul, your friendly local hypnotist, have started seeing clients at Assabet Valley Natural Health, a new alternative health clinic in Maynard, MA. I'm in this clinic a couple of days a week, and I am able to hold appointments there on Fridays and Sundays. I share this wonderfully quaint clinic space with two incredible alternative health practitioners: George Mandler, an acupuncturist and dietician, and Joy Mandler, a massage therapist and maternal care specialist. They are the owner's of the clinic and have done a great job setting up the space.

I continue to be avaiable for house call hypnosis sessions throughout the suburbs of Boston. But I encourage clients, both new and old, to come to the clinic for appointments if possible, because you'll be impressed with how comfortable the space is, and you'll find that it is very easy to relax and go into hypnosis there. And besides, getting out of the house once in a while is a good thing, right?

In Health,
Paul Nguyen, Certified Consulting Hypnotist

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