Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Sounds Coming

Following up on my post from last week called "Winter Downtime":

Despite the Arctic cold temperatures we've been having this winter in New England, I did eventually get the courage to head into the deep woods, snowshoes and all, for an afternoon of recording. And I'm glad I did, because I was treated to some very interesting "winter-only" sounds.

The small streams have frozen over and there are a couple feet of snow on top of the ice, but in the faster sections of the streams, the rushing water has carved out little "caves" in the ice and snow down the middle of the stream, and these cavities add a great reverberation to the sound of the flowing water. It's kind of like the sound of water in a tunnel. This is the recording that I think will turn into a great soundtrack for relaxation, meditation, or hypnosis.

Generally, 70% of my recorded material gets discarded before production, due to excessive artificial noise, wind noise, other unwanted noise, or it's just not unique enough to differentiate it from other soundtracks I've created. Well this time, I believe I "nailed it" and came home with useable material from just a couple hours of being outside, including the hiking time to get to the recording site. As I mentioned in my "Winter Downtime" post, there is so much less human-generated noise in the woods during winter that a half hour of recording will actually yield just about half an hour of useable material. I might just need to edit out a distant jet plane or two, but that's it! No hikers, no Harleys in the distance, no recreational prop planes, no motor boats. The moral of the story is: If you can handle the bitter cold, recording in winter CAN be fruiful.

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