Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New England Seashore sounds

The Moodstreams catalog has a new nature soundtrack, "New England Seashore". It's the classic sound of waves washing up on a Northeast beach. My previous ocean recordings were made on West Coast beaches, and for those of you have visited both coasts, you know there is a BIG difference between Pacific Ocean waves and Atlantic Ocean waves. The Pacific is powerful and vigorous, while the Atlantic is generally more calm and gentle. So you might say that on the West coast, waves "crash" on the beach, but in New England, waves "wash" up on the beach. The recording technique for "New England Seashore" is different as well - I place the stereo microphone a short distance back from the highest point on the beach that the waves reach. In my Pacific recordings, I perched the microphone over the waves and allowed the waves to wash past the microphone. So "New England Seashore" offers a more distant listening experience, as opposed to the more immersive experience of "Pacific Tidepool" or "SoCal Beach". So now you have a choice based on your personal listening preference. Check out the catalog to compare all the sounds.

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