Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dawn Birds of May 2.0

A new soundtrack, Dawn Birds of May, has been released! Now, I do realize that Dawn Birds of May already existed as a title in my catalog, but I have decided that this latest version will be a direct replacement of the old version, and so the old version will discontinued. Of course, if you ask nicely, I will still give it to you.

The reason for the replacement? I always felt that the old Dawn Birds of May, while chock full of different bird songs and calls, was not my finest work. It had way too much distracting ambient noise and strange buzzing tones that appeared midway through the recording (from a source unknown to me). I felt a little guilty offering it for sale in my catalog, because I always felt like it could have been much much better. The newer version of Dawn Birds of May is, in fact, a very different soundtrack. Besides being a much cleaner recording, it also has an entirely different feel. It is much less busy because the density of birds is lower, and it seems more orderly somehow, like it has a well-defined beginning, middle, and end. I am always a sucker for a recording that is "story-like" rather than monotonous or chaotic, and this one is certainly that. It ebbs and flows nicely. At times it is very up-front, while at other times, it eases up, and becomes more distant. My favorite feature of this soundtrack is that it prominently features my favorite of all woodland songbirds, the Wood Thrush. Such a complex and eerie song it has! Go to the product page and listen to the first sample, you'll see what I mean.

Here is the new product description:

The songbirds of Spring have arrived, and they busily go about their early morning rituals of courtship and territoriality at the edge of the forest. This recording captures the conversations reverberating under the forest canopy, and features the haunting, beautiful melody of the Wood Thrush. The first four minutes showcase a single Wood Thrush in the foreground, as it sings over the gentle breeze blowing through the trees. Then, other birds, such as Mourning Doves, warblers, woodpeckers, Blue Jays, and robins make their way into the soundscape. Some Wild Turkeys even make an appearance!
Approximately half an hour long.

The old Dawn Birds of May will still be sold on Tradebit under a different name, Woodland Birds.

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