Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now available in the online store: "Songbirds Behind the Farm" nature soundtrack

A busy Spring, my mellow fellows! I have added another new nature soundtrack to the Moodstreams catalog: "Songbirds Behind the Farm". Here is the product description:

The forecast called for a thunderstorm, but the rains never came. Instead, it turned into a warm, humid Spring afternoon on which robins, cardinals, warblers, blackbirds, doves and other birds sang amidst the peaceful ambience of a pond behind a farm.
This soundtrack tells an interesting story, as different sections of this recording are dominated by different birds. A pair of Canada geese enter the soundscape (with a splash) midway through and assert themselves, and bullfrogs and treefrogs make guest appearances as well.

It seems there are endless possibilities for great nature sounds now that Spring is in full swing. The challenge, however, is producing a good variety of soundtracks without seeming redundant. Honestly, I could go out every week this Spring to the same location and never make the same recording twice, because the demographics of natural areas change so regularly during this season, as new species of migratory birds come through the area. But then the catalog would be a bit heavy on the "chatty chirping bird" sounds!

So why this latest offering, when there are already three perfectly good bird soundtracks (Dawn Birds of May, Streamside Conversations, and Water Flows Beneath Us) in the catalog? I feel like "Songbirds Behind the Farm" is quite a special recording. The other three have some kind of flowing water nearby, which can mask some of the subtle sonic details of the environment, but "Songbirds" has only the birds and the peaceful ambience of the sounds surrounding the pond and farm on this wonderfully still Spring day. In addition to the main "characters" in this play, you will hear bullfrogs croaking in the pond, the splashing of water as an animal dives in, the flapping wings of birds in the bushes, the echo of a goose's honk, and other subtle details that even I may have missed. All this is made possible by the wonderful stillness of the environment. And perhaps even more important than the sounds themselves is the story-like way in which this soundtrack unfolds. It changes throughout, ebbing and flowing as different species of birds and frogs enter and leave the soundscape, and comes full circle at the end. I hope that you will find this recording as lovely as I do.

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