Monday, May 11, 2009

"Streamside Conversations" soundtrack is now available for purchase

Hello, Mellow Fellows,

The first of the Spring 2009 nature soundtracks has been completed, and I have added it to the online store. It is called Streamside Conversations. There is of course a sample that you can listen to on the product page. Here is the description that I put up on the website:

Relax to the morning conversations of songbirds echoing under the canopy of an evergreen forest by a swiftly moving stream. The beauty of this soundtrack is how it constantly changes; different sections of the forest come alive at different times, and the chatty canopy inhabitants move throughout the soundscape, resulting in a recording that alternates between busy and sparse, close and distant.

In case you're wondering how this soundtrack compares with the other Moodstreams recordings that feature water and birds (such as Water Flows Beneath Us, and Dawn Birds of May), I would say that this latest one is less "busy" overall, and the density of birds varies throughout the half-hour recording, as the birds move from place to place in the forest canopy. So there are sections where very little can be heard other than the sound of the stream, and then there are sections where the birds converge and become very chatty. It really illustrates the fact that the forest is a constantly changing entity. Also, the stream is more distant in this recording than in Water Flows Beneath Us, and forms a nice background of white noise that would be helpful for blocking out distracting sounds in your personal listening environment.

More Spring soundtracks are coming!


  1. hi paul....i just found your podcast on itunes and i am just loving it.
    you've got the perfect calm voice for this work and the visualisations are simply beautiful.
    upon my first listen, i actually fell fast asleep by the third deep breath....when i woke up in the morning i finished the meditation and it was wonderful.

    thanks a million from australia, and please keep up the good work.

  2. Dear Patti (above),
    Thanks for listening, and thanks for your great feedback! I wish I had the time to make more of these free meditations, because I've received such encouraging comments. I will do my best!


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