Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Down the River

Meditation Getaways - Down the River -

This guided meditation is the 8th in the series, and concludes the first series of Meditation Getaways. In the near future, the first series will be re-released as a retail download available from The retail download will include a couple of new meditations that have never been released, along with newly re-recorded versions of the other 8 meditations in this series without the news, announcements or promotion of the Moodstreams products or website before and after each meditation. In other words, just the meditations, and no idle chatter from Paul! Much more concise. And the audio quality of the retail download will be higher than the podcasts. Like all Moodstreams digital downloads, they will be encoded in the highest bitrate MP3 format for superior audio quality. But enough news...

In this meditation, we imagine taking a canoe trip down a river in the cool, crisp, and pristine Northern wilderness. Our boat starts at the foot of a majestic waterfall, and floats downstream, wandering through a system of connected ponds and lakes, and finally emerging in a sheltered bay. As we journey down, we go deeper into our own minds, creating unprecedented levels of detail and achieving profound relaxation. We create images of wildlife and incredible landscapes, and find peace and healing in the uncorrupted wilderness.

This guided meditation features segments from the "Alaska Rivers" album of nature sounds from Moodstreams.

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