Thursday, April 21, 2011

Southland Dawn Chorus (New Zealand)

I'm really excited about introuducing the latest nature sound from my New Zealand trip. This one captures a sound that is unique in all the world: The melodious and haunting song of the belllbird at dawn. Check out the product site for a sample. If you don't find that sound utterly mesmerizing, then you must have grown up with a a bellbird in your backyard! But even my friend Richie, a native of New Zealand, enjoys this one.

The complete 25-minute soundtrack is available as an MP3 download at for just $5.99. Here's the product description:

Southland Dawn Chorus (New Zealand)
Waking up in the woods before dawn to the birds of Southland, the southernmost region of New Zealand, is a symphonic experience. It begins in darkness with the mesmerizing, haunting solo melody of the bellbird echoing from the treetops. As light breaks, tui and sparrows fill out the ensemble until the chorus reaches its peak. This 25-minute recording is a "slice" of dawn captured in real time, offering you the opportunity to be immersed in a soundscape that is unique in all of the world.

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