Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Third and Final New Zealand Sound Recording

I'm proud to announce the release of the last of the New Zealand soundtracks on You might say it's the end of an era, because this officially closes the New Zealand chapter for Moodstreams; all the photos have been published and now all the sounds have been as well. I guess the only way to get more material is to plan another trip! Well worth looking into, in my opinion. One could spend a lifetime there and not see and hear all of its glory.

The newest sound recording, Morning on the West Coast, was actually the first one I recorded on my trip. Have I emphasized before how easy it is to record nature sounds in New Zealand? There are no planes flying overhead, no traffic noise once you leave the city, very few people, and the people that are there, mostly tourists actually, aren't up and about at the time that I make recordings, which was usually between 4:30 and 6 AM on this trip. A recordist's dream! Morning on the West Coast was recorded at a camp in a very small coastal community called Charleston. The camp has a small farm attached with some sheep and chickens. The West Coast in this case refers to the region of New Zealand's South Island that is actually quite popular with tourists and is known for its amazing beaches. But wake up at dawn, and all there is to experience in this particular camp is the cacophany of singing birds, and the crowing of roosters as they usher in the morning. As I may have mentioned before, the remarkable thing about the summer dawn sounds in New Zealand is how "structured" they seem to be. Certain species of birds start and end at certain times, like clockwork, and then by 6:15 or so, all activity seems to abruptly cease for the rest of the day. This recording captures a "slice" of that magical time period.

The complete 25-minute downloadable MP3 is available on the Moodstreams site for just $5.99.

Listen to a sample.

And here's the complete product description:
Morning on the West Coast (New Zealand)
Wake up to the busy chirping of birds on a coastal farm in New Zealand's West Coast region. This recording offers the realistic experience of being immersed in the summer dawn, as sparrows sing to claim their territories, insects buzz across the soundscape, and roosters proclaim the arrival of the first rays of the sun, as distant surf provides a backdrop of white noise. The recording goes from busy in the beginning and middle to sparse at the end, just as it happens in real life as dawn becomes early morning.

Perhaps at some point I will compile all three New Zealand sounds into a collection like I did with the Sounds of Spring, or Alaska Rivers.

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